What to do in Vienna in 3 Days

Vienna – the city of music and imperial opulence is perhaps the most beautiful city in the world. Once, home to the powerful Habsburg monarchy, the capital city of Austria is not just a city that brings you the closest to the grandeur of imperial living, but is also inscribed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Exquisite palaces, music of Mozart in the air, buzzing coffee shops more spacious than an urban living room, well-stocked museums and quality of life is what describes this historic city with a contemporary soul named Vienna. For a city dweller, living amidst the maddening crowd, Vienna is the perfect escape.

Once the largest German-speaking city in the world, and now the second largest after Berlin, Vienna attracts approximately 12 million tourists every year. If you are planning a short trip of 3 days in Vienna, you are perhaps heading towards the most memorable trip of your life. Here are some things to do in Vienna in 3 Days.

Only 3 days in Vienna? No problem! Check out this sample itinerary! #must-visit #destination

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