What to Do in Riga in 3 Days

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Riga is an old city with medieval architecture, but also Art Nouveau areas and modern buildings made out of glass, and all of this you can see during a short trip of 3 days in Riga. Not in vain the city is called “Paris of the North”! It has graceful shapes and romantic flair, so that couples can spend a memorable weekend here, discovering Riga and each other at the same time.

The largest city in Latvia fell under Poland’s domination in 1581, it was conquered by the Swedish in 1621, and in 1721 the control over the city was taken by the Russians. However, in 1991, when the country became independent, Riga was named the capital of Latvia. Probably this is why Riga is so different and there so many places to explore and things to do in Riga in 3 days!

Planning a trip of 3 days in Riga? Then you are heading towards the most awesome trip of your life. Here are some things to do in Riga in 3 Days. #riga #travel

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