What to Do in Brussels in 3 Days

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Day 3 in Brussels
Walk to the main statues that represent Brussels

A walking route in Brussels is a great chance to see what you have not seen yet. But first, charge up with energy for the whole day by having a chocolate and waffle breakfast. The chocolatiers from Belgium are more sumptuous than even the jewelry stores. The products are of the highest quality, they attract you as if telling: “Buy me, you will not regret about the accumulated calories!”.

Start your tour at pace from the representative Manneken Pis – a 61-centimeter bronze statue that has become one of Brussels’ landmarks. The statue depicts a naked little boy urinating into a fountain’s basin. Several times a week, the statue is dressed in costumes. The majority of its clothes can be viewed in a permanent exhibition inside the City Museum. On occasion, the statue is hooked up to a keg of beer. The beer flowing from the statue is given out to people passing by.

Manneken Pis statue in Brussels. | What to Do in Brussels in 3 Days

Manneken Pis statue in Brussels. / Copyright S-F

Manneken Pis has a younger sister – Jeanneke Pis. This statue was inaugurated in the mid-1990s. The half-meter-high bronze Jeanneke Pis represents a little girl, with her hair in short pigtails, urinating on a blue-gray limestone base. Not many tourists know about Jeanneke Pis, but she is worth a visit. The sculpture is now protected from vandalism by iron bars.

Fountain of Jeanneke Pis inside the gates. Erected by D.Debouvrie in 1987 | What to Do in Brussels in 3 Days

Fountain of Jeanneke Pis inside the gates. Erected by D.Debouvrie in 1987 / Copyright Oleskandr Osipov

After this, visit the Place des Martyrs – a square that holds a monument dedicated to those 400 heroes who died in the revolt against Dutch rule, in 1830. The bodies lie buried in a crypt beneath the cobblestones. Some of them lie not far from where they were shot. The Flemish Government cabinet offices are situated on this square.

Pro Patria Monument, Place des Martyrs | What to Do in Brussels in 3 Days

Pro Patria Monument, Place des Martyrs / Copyright SunnyChinchilla

Not far from the Grand Place, you can find the L’ilot Sacre district. The district presents a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys that form a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being able to resist to urban modernization. The L’ilot Sacre is a lively pedestrian area animated by lots of small shops, bars, and cafes. The area is also famous for its quirky names of streets: street of Bread, Butter, Herring, etc. Also, there is no better place to try the traditional dishes of Belgian cuisine. Catch a play of the popular puppet theater Maison de Toone. And, of course, touch the golden statue from the small corridor near the City Hall, if you would like to come back again to Brussels.

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