What to Do in Brussels in 3 Days

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Day 1 in Brussels
Stroll in the center of Brussels!

Start your Belgian adventure from Grand Place – the central square of Brussels. The square is found in the Old City, and the Medieval style is blazing forth on paved streets and richly ornamented buildings. The Grand Place is the most important tourist attraction and most memorable landmark of the city. This is perhaps thanks to the two opulent constructions with impressive architecture that surround the square: the Town Hall of Brussels and the Museum of the City of Brussels. When the sun is rising up, the Grand Place is transforming in a fairy-tale place, setting a romantic, yet extremely lively atmosphere.

Start your Belgian adventure from Grand Place – the central square of Brussels | What to Do in Brussels in 3 Days

The Grand Place / Copyright S-F

As mentioned above, one of Brussels’ symbols is the City Hall. Over time, it has become also an important touristic attraction, because the building is phenomenally beautiful from the architectural point of view. First of all, your sight will be attracted by a high tower, of 96 meters tall, performed in a Gothic style. Over the construction, the tourists can see a five-meter high statue, entirely made out of metal, that embodies Archangel Michael, the city’s patron, who kills the dragon, according to the legend. The facade of the City Hall is decorated by numerous statues that represent noblemen, saints, but also the figures of other popular persons.

The Town Hall of the City of Brussels is a Gothic building from the Middle Ages | What to Do in Brussels in 3 Days

The Town Hall of the City of Brussels is a Gothic building from the Middle Ages / Copyright zebra0209

The building which hosts the City Hall is also housing the Brussels City Museum. It presents moments from its history, as well as a collection of clothes for the famous Manneken Pis. The main purpose of the City Museum is to create links between the past and the present. Also, it actively pursues scientific study, conservation and enrichment of Brussels’ heritage. The museum displays temporary and permanent exhibitions in the main hall on the top floor, so you will certainly be able to explore at least one of them during your short trip of 3 days to Brussels.

Museum of the City of Brussels | What to Do in Brussels in 3 Days

Museum of the City of Brussels / Copyright pbombaert

The second building facing the Grand Place, Maison des Boulangers, is abounding in symbols, showcasing six images that highlight the main stages of bread making. Also, the edifice is marked by an unusual octagonal lamp on the rooftop, which is guarded by a golden statue of Glory.

After a dose of architecture and history, delight yourself with some French fries in cornet. The Belgians prepare the best potatoes you will ever eat! The taste is especially given by the diverse sauces that are served together with the fries.

Spend the second half of the day in a more relaxing atmosphere. Visit the Belgian Brewers Museum. Here, the tourists have the occasion to discover the history of Belgian beer, which is worldwide famous. The museum puts at the disposal of its visitors instruments which were used in the past in brewing, but also presents moments from beer history, starting from the 18th century, in Belgium. The climax of your museum tour will be the tasting of different types of beer. At this moment, you will understand why Belgian beer is considered an international ambassador, as it will help you interact with other tourists, even if you both don’t speak the same language.

Visit the Belgian Brewers Museum | What to Do in Brussels in 3 Days

Belgian Brewers Museum / Copyright Yefim Bam

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