What to Do in Barcelona in 3 Days

Day 3 in Barcelona
Explore the beach side of Barcelona!

Until 1992, Barcelona was not paying too much attention to its advantage of being on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. But, due to the Olympics from 1992, the situation has changed. The result is seven kilometers of sand and palm trees. We recommend you to head to the Platja de Barceloneta. Once you’ll see it, it will be hard to resist not to walk on the Passeig Maritime, right along the brilliantly blue sea. At the Southern end of the Passeig Maritime the Port Olimpic is found. You can easily recognize it by its two seafront skyscrapers.

Visit the Barceloneta Beach   |   What to Do in Barcelona in 3 Days
Barceloneta Beach / Copyright Joakim Lloyd Raboff

Besides the popular Barceloneta, there are other marvelous beaches that are worth visiting especially in hot summertime: Sant Sebastia, the spectacular Costa Brava, the quiet Sitges. There is also a nudist section in Mar Bella.

And, taking into consideration the topic of seafront, if you have some more time, do not hesitate to discover Santa Maria del Mar, or the Saint Mary of the Sea Church. It is found a little bit farther from the shore, and namely in the Ribera district of Barcelona. It is a 14th century building which takes the breath away, metaphorically speaking, to anyone who enters it. Although it may seem small from the exterior, the interior offers an unexplainable sense of space. Its single nave is simply majestic, with a vaulted roof supported by extremely high pillars, and a giant rose window above the main entrance.

Visit Santa Maria del Mar Church    |   What to Do in Barcelona in 3 Days
Santa Maria del Mar Church / Copyright TTstudio

If it is Thursday or Sunday, and the weather is perfect, then end your day in Barcelona on the Sant Sebastia beach for a slightly unusual experience – watching outdoor movies on the beach! Or, take a boat cruise and relax somewhere far from the shore as you eat seafood and enjoy a glass of cava.

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