What to Do in Athens in 3 Days

Day 3 in Athens

There are lots of museums in Athens, but, as you are running out of time, we recommend you to visit the National Museum of Athens, as here you will find a little bit of everything. In fact, this museum is considered the most important institution of Greece, being particularly devoted to Greek art from the period of 14th-20th century.

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens    |   What to Do in Athens in 3 Days
The National Archaeological Museum of Athens / Copyright Constantinos Iliopoulos

When it’s hot outside, direct to the heart of the Greek capital where you will find a real oasis for relaxation and recreation – the National Garden. This magnificent park spreads over 15,5 hectares and was once the garden of the Royal Palace. Of course, not only nature is magical here. The garden encloses ancient ruins, tambours, columns, busts, mosaics. If you are a cat lover, then here you will be able to interact with these animals everywhere and as long as you want. Also, there are two duck ponds, a playground for children, a small zoo, and a cafe, where you can get a frape, or some ouzo. And don’t leave the National Garden until you visit the Zappeion!

Zappeion Megaron in Athens     |   What to Do in Athens in 3 Days
Zappeion Megaron in Athens / Copyright Serghei Starus

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