What to Do in Athens in 3 Days

Day 2 in Athens

Athens is very easy to visit, because all the tourist attractions are found close to each other. At the same time, there is so much to see! So, start your second day by exploring Agora – one of the most important places of the ancient Greek society. The Ancient Agora, the old center of Athens, was hosting a range of political, religious, social, and trade meetings. In the sixth century B.C., it even became the center of the Greek government, here being built the main institutions of the state. But, because of the Persian, Roman, and Slavonian invasions, the Ancient Agora was partially destroyed, losing thus its value until 1834. The most significant monuments of the Ancient Agora are: the Temple of Hephaestus, the best preserved temple of Greece; the Altar of the Twelve Gods; Church of the Holy Apostles, and so on.

The Ancient Agora of Athens     |   What to Do in Athens in 3 Days
The Ancient Agora of Athens / Copyright Vania Tonova

To the east of the Ancient Agora, the Roman Agora is located. It is smaller than the Ancient Agora and is known for its purely commercial character in the past. It has been built due to its sponsors Julius Caesar and Augustus. It is also known for its structures like Gate of Athena Archegetis, East Propylon, Fethiye Mosque, Agoramion, Vespasianae, but especially the Tower of the Winds.

The Tower is 12 meters high above the sea and has an octagonal form, each side measuring 3,2 meters length. The roof is conic and disposes of a cylindrical annex to the south. The tower was used for numerous purposes over time: to indicate the time, depending on the position of the Sun; weather forecast; a church; a bell tower; a “tekke”. The Tower of the Winds is situated between two districts: Monastiraki and Plaka. And as we visited Monastiraki on the first day of our 3-day trip to Athens, let’s direct to Plaka district searching for some Greek food.

The Roman Agora in Athens    |   What to Do in Athens in 3 Days
The Roman Agora in Athens / Copyright Anastasios71

This time, we propose you to put aside street food and delight yourself with real traditional delicacies. Head to the famous Byzantino Restaurant from Plaka district which hosts often local celebrities, but also other guests. Start with a smoked eggplant salad, and then as main course order moussaka. For dessert, you can take the popular baklava, and if you decided that you would still like to enjoy a drink, order some steamed mussels with white wine sauce as a seafood buffet.

After such a hearty dinner, you need a walk! Don’t leave far away from the restaurant. Instead, explore the Plaka district, which is also called the neighborhood of gods. It is not suddenly, and you will understand what we are talking about while sightseeing on this piece of land. Houses with red roofs, mansions built in neoclassical style, narrow winding streets, jasmine flowers at balconies of the buildings… this place is certainly worth its second name. By the way, the oldest street of Athens is also found in this district – Kato Plaka.

Traditional houses in Plaka area under Acropolis     |   What to Do in Athens in 3 Days
Traditional houses in Plaka area under Acropolis / Copyright Anastasios71

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