What to Do and See in Venice in 3 Days

Venice is a stunning city! While approaching to it by ferry, you could believe you see in front of you a work of art. And it is truly composed by many tourist attractions that can be fairly considered artworks!

City in the north of Italy, situated on 117 small islands, Venice is considered one of the most romantic places ever built by humans, due to its channels that you can ride by a gondola, passing under numerous bridges that delight your eyes. Or, you can choose exploring the city by sightseeing above the old houses found on the both banks of the channel, but also the imposing architecture of the palaces and churches.

Venice is relatively new in comparison with Rome, London, or Paris. However, it has not remained untouched by time, the 2 main problems that threaten this piece of paradise are pollution and depopulation, that are real problems with which the European Union confronts. Another problem that affects the buildings, and specially the famous San Marco Square is the flood, so, Venice IS a fairy-tale, but not necessarily with a happy end, unfortunately.

If you are searching for the most romantic place to spend some time with your beloved one, then take a trip to Venice – the cradle of romanticism. Here are some things that you could do and see in Venice in 3 days.

Only 3 days in Venice? Here are some things that you could do and see in Venice in 3 days. #travel #venice #romantic

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