What to Do and See in London in 3 Days

Day 1 in London

Visit the Westminster Bridge: Start your morning of the first day in London on Westminster Bridge. Why? Because you will be nearby the most important tourism destinations: Houses of Parliament, County Hall, South Bank Center, National Theater, London Eye, Whitehall.

Moreover, wherever you will look from this bridge, that lies on the Thames, the view will be exceptional! Not suddenly, William Wordsworth wrote in 1802: “Earth has not anything to show more fair: Dull would he be of soul who could pass by A sight of so touching in its majesty”, referring namely to this sight.

Westminster Bridge at dusk, London | What to Do and See in London in 3 Days
Westminster Bridge at dusk, London / Copyright Bucchi Francesco

Visit the Big Ben: Direct to the Big Ben, or the Clock Tower, or the Elizabeth Tower as it was called in 2012, that is one of the most famous clocks in the world. It is a symbol of London. It is 96 meters high and can be seen from any point of London.

So, as you realize, with such dimensions, it is hard to take a picture of the tower standing close to it. Yet, there is a rule that prohibits tourists to visit the interior of the clock tower, so that everything that you can do is analyze its grandeur from the exterior. By the way, it is built in neo-Gothic style.

View of Big Ben | What to Do and See in London in 3 Days
View of Big Ben / Copyright f11photo

Visit the Westminster Abbey: A destination with a rather restricted program is the Westminster Abbey. But once you see it, you will understand why you should visit it. It is an extremely beautiful cathedral! And that’s the reason why it has become part of memorable writings and films. It is also the most famous Gothic cathedral in the whole London, being built in XI century.

For centuries, this UNESCO Heritage building hosted all coronations and is the final resting place of kings, queens, as well as other important personalities. This is the place where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge married in 2011!

Westminster Abbey Church | What to Do and See in London in 3 Days
Westminster Abbey church / Copyright PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek

After so much sightseeing, I guess your stomach will not let your brain think about doing anything else but eating! You can find many touristy places where you can eat around Big Ben and the Westminster, but we recommend you, however, to apply some effort and cross back the Westminster Bridge, to Waterloo, and find the Scooter Caffe on Lower Marsh. You will love their food and the unusual décor involving vintage scooters.

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