What to Do and See in London in 3 Days

Metropolises are always fascinating: everything changes rapidly around, the people hurry, the street vibration… Some cities are so agitated, so that it seems that you have not enough time to meditate, relax, or breathe deeply, everything moves unimaginably quickly.

However, London is different. The first thing that will amaze you here is the fact that the people are not so stressed and do not rush like in other capitals, even if it is the most populous metropolis in the European Union. It is so pleasant to look at real Englishmen, how they are dressed, how they behave, how they live, in general.


10 Reasons Why You Should Visit London10 Reasons Why You Should Visit London


But those over 15 million tourists who come to London every year do not travel here just for the respectful people, they are attracted by its worlds’ leading tourism destinations! London is the city of entertainment, economy, culture, history, fashion, metro – London is the city that will not leave you get bored. Perhaps, not even one month will be sufficient to explore the British capital up and down, but here is what we recommend you to do and see in London in 3 days.

Only 3 days in London? No problem! Check out this sample itinerary! #must-visit #destination #london

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