Visit Nova Scotia – A Slice of Scotland in Canada

Is Scotland your favorite holiday destination? Here’s a place that will make you forget Scotland with equally alluring highlands, world-class whiskeys, and Celtic culture.

Nova Scotia literally meaning New Scotland is more Scottish than you can imagine. An absolute charmer of a place with lupine dotted fields, beautiful beaches, plenty of UNESCO designated sites, a dose of adventure, and lighthouses that will take you back in time, Nova Scotia is Canada’s cutest province.

Consisting of a large peninsula, Nova Scotia is connected to the mainland through a narrow strip of land. This gorgeous province in the shape of an upside down anvil, it is not just beautiful but exquisite. Cycle or roam around and explore the green patch of it, or take a stroll along the beach, enjoy the historic treasures of it or feel the adrenaline rushing through adventure sports here, Nova Scotia has something for everyone.

Not to forget whale watching and abundance of natural beauty. There are so many exciting things to do in Nova Scotia that you may want to spend months vacationing here. However, we have listed down top things for you for a memorable trip to this stunning Canadian beauty which will make you forget Scotland. Take a look.

Visit Nova Scotia - A Slice of Scotland in Canada

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