Top 10 Reasons to Visit Cuba

With the seductive seascape of the crystalline Caribbean and over 500 years of beguiling history, once the playground of the rumbustious pirates and the North American Mafia, Cuba is undoubtedly Latin America’s most electrifying and unique country.

The fascinating motherland of none other than Fidel Castro, Cuba is like an old classic novel with a worn-out cover. Like a timeless tale, Cuba too refuses to give up its old world charm while keeping pace with the rapidly changing world. You don’t really need reasons to visit Cuba, nor should you ask why to go to Cuba, you must visit this country simply because unless you go to Cuba, you will never really experience what ‘Classic’ truly means.

Head to Cuba to find the gold dust beneath the crumbling facades, to hear the sound of your heart in African drums and Spanish guitars, to explore the traffic-clogged streets discovering the signs of its struggle for so many years, and go to Cuba to travel back in time in 50s with a late night cabaret show.

Upon your return, you will realize, Cuba has gone down deep into your life without you knowing it. Apart from the above, here are some more reasons why you must choose Cuba as your next travel destination.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Cuba #Travel #Cuba

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