TOP 10 Reasons to Take a Cruise

A vacation is not only about the places you visit, but it is also about the memories you bring back home. A vacation is about the joy and excitement of spending quality time with friends and family and a cruise offers all ingredients required for the recipe of a perfect holiday. Cruising across the sea is not just a vacation idea but an experience that you will cherish forever. Although, there are plenty, here are the top 10 reasons to take a cruise vacation.TOP 10 Reasons to Take a Cruise #cruise #travel

1. A unique experience:

A cruise vacation is an experience that is going to be etiched in your memories forever. The exhilarating feeling of sailing on the ocean can be compared to nothing. It is an adventure of its kind to stay away from everything in the middle of the sea surrounded by deep blue water. Only when you get onto a cruise, you realize the enormity of an ocean. According to a recent study, cruise vacationers rank an ocean cruise as the best overall vacation experience.

2. Great value for money:

In case, you don’t already know, a cruise vacation offers you the value of money like no other holiday idea does. The cruise fares not just include the stateroom and food, but also offer you world-class entertainment and amenities within the same fare. Most of the cruise vacations also offer multiple shore destinations as a part of the package and you get to visit more than just one place without an additional cost. Once on board, you can enjoy the trip without counting your money.

3. Romantic escape:

The open blue sky above and a mysterious world underneath your feet, plenty of sunshine and the gush of breeze, a poetic side is bound to emerge when you sail through the heart of the ocean in a cruise ship. Almost all cruise liners have splendid décor and services to make the most of the nature to stoke your romantic genes. Witness the beauty of sunrise and sunset, bond over the exotic meal and gaze at the myriad of stars against the backdrop of the emerald Ocean. Where else can you find the perfect romantic escape?

4. Variety of options:

One of the best things about cruise vacations is the variety of options to choose from. You can opt for a river or sea cruise. The size of the cruise liner is also important. For a more intimate experience, opt for a smaller boat. The cruise ships also offer different themes to suit your requirements, ranging from kids-friendly family vacation to single travellers looking for some quiet time away from the nerve-wrecking city lives.

TOP 10 Reasons to Take a Cruise

5. World-class services:

For most of the vacationers, the best aspect of a cruise vacation is the superb service quality of the staff on board. Be ready to get pampered irrespective your budget or package bought. The captain will take care of you like a family and the staff will treat you like a Queen or a King.

6. Floating cities:

If you think that the cruise vacation is all about gazing upon the ocean, you are highly mistaken. Cruise ships are floating cities. All cruise ships offer numerous activities for all age groups. You can opt for the activity that interests you such as go for swimming, lounge by the pool, spend time on the deck sight-seeing, go clubbing at night, attend lectures to understand marine life better, try your luck at the casino, shop till you drop or catch a breathtaking stage performance by sashaying dancers. While on a cruise, you can do pretty much everything that can be done on a beach or on-ground vacation.

7. Vacation on the move:

No other vacation will take you from one destination to the other while you are asleep. On a cruise vacation, seascape will keep changing with the ticking of the clock. Can there be anything more exciting than waking up to a new horizon every day.

8. Easy to plan:

Cruise vacations are easy to plan because you don’t have to plan for everything separately. It’s all in one deal. You don’t need to kill yourself to find the best hotel or ticket deals. All you need to do is find a suitable cruise option as per your need. Find a good deal, book it once and leave everything on the cruise liner. They will make sure you have a time of your life while on a cruise with them.

9. Intimate family time:

On-ground vacations are full of distractions while on a cruise you get to spend quality time with your loved ones without any interruptions for obvious reasons—no phone calls, no urgent e-mails, no unwanted guests. Isn’t it a good enough reason to go for a cruise vacation?

10. Healthy vacation:

If you are still trying to find a reason to take a cruise vacation, here are some healthy reasons for you. It is believed and supported by studies that a cruise vacation has a number of health benefits such as it makes you stress-free, you get adequate vitamin D from the sunlight, the on-board activities keep you physically fit and you may also choose to stick to a healthy diet.


TOP 10 Reasons to Take a Cruise #travel #cruise

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