TOP 10 Places To Travel in May

It’s May—the month of bright mornings and golden honey evenings. When Lilacs are in full bloom and birds are singing their songs, it’s time to explore distant corners of the world and make memories. Considered the best month to travel, May is when winter is a distant memory and summer is yet to arrive when beach destinations are as alluring as cozy European towns.

Then are festivities and celebrations that make May even more special. If you too want to make May memories but not sure where to Travel in May, here are our recommendations for you. So, pack your sunglasses and spring clothing and head to one or all of May destinations listed below as these are the best places to travel in May.

10. Prague, Czech Republic

With the arrival of spring, the weather in the centuries-old capital city of Bohemia region and the Czech Republic starts getting warmer and towards the last week of May Prague is the warmest making it the best time to visit this medieval town. With the temperature rising up to 20C during the daytime, May offers bright sunny days to explore the millennium old history.

Flowers begin to bloom and add to the Czech capital’s beauty. Wander about aimlessly in the maze of cobbled alleys and hidden courtyards, gulp down the best beer in the world, spend time in art galleries and appreciate the architectural gems from the past as Prague will give you memories to last for a long time.

View of the famous Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic | TOP 10 Places To Travel in May
View of the famous Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic / Copyright Alexander Mazurkevich

9. Nepal

If Mount Everest has ever captured your fancy and you wish to trek the Himalayas, head to Nepal in the month of May. Why May? Because May offers a dry month and great visibility in high altitude. Mountaineers from all over the world head to Mt Everest in this month because it offers a short window of time and clear weather when they can attempt the summit.

For cultural experiences May is an ideal month to explore this Himalayan nation as Buddha’s birthday is celebrated somewhere around mid-May. With loads of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, scenic beauty, and friendly locals, Nepal is ready to host the visitors again after the devastating earthquake in April 2015.

View of Mount Everest with buddhist prayer flags from Kala Patthar, Nepal | TOP 10 Places To Travel in May
View of Mount Everest with buddhist prayer flags from Kala Patthar, Nepal / Copyright Daniel Prudek

8. Monaco

May is when all racing enthusiasts turn their heads to Monaco as the Grand Prix zooms in. This is the time when this lovely city-state on the French Riviera is action-packed. If racing does not excite you, spin your luck at Monte Carlo’s famous casinos or take a boat tour to see Monaco from the sea.

If you are looking for some history, explore Monaco-Ville—a picturesque medieval village, the Monaco Cathedra which was built in 1875, the Church of the Sacred Heart built between 1926 to 1929 by Italian Jesuit fathers or if your pockets are deep, hire a luxury yacht or rent a convertible to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

View of the famous Port of Monaco | TOP 10 Places To Travel in May
Port of Monaco / Copyright Giancarlo Liguori

7. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Around Memorial Day, New England starts welcoming the tourists. Therefore, if you want to avoid the crowd, early May is the ideal time to explore this geographic cape into the Atlantic Ocean. The cape cod and its island are a popular tourist destination with rich and famous often visiting this southern eastern corner of Massachusetts.

Although Cape Cod is known as Spring-to-fall destination, it is from May to October the famous sport fishing in the area is at peak with every harbor hosting charter boats for sport anglers.

Cape Cod Provincetown beach in Massachusetts USA | TOP 10 Places To Travel in May
Cape Cod Provincetown beach in Massachusetts USA / Copyright holbox

6. Canggu, Bali

Close to the upmarket location of Bali called Seminyak, there’s a small village which was once just a coastal stretch. Emerging as a popular beach destination for those looking to soak in the sun and get the tan, Canggu now has some stylish cafes (Australian style), great restaurants, and hotels.

Visit Canggu in May and you can be part of a huge surfing competition for amateurs and experts both, promising a fun-filled vacation by the beach.

View of Canggu, Bali | TOP 10 Places To Travel in May
View of Canggu, Bali / Copyright joyfull

5. Bergen, Norway

Wondering where to go in May? Head to Bergen. Beautiful and beguiling, Bergen is a show-stealer in any month, however, May is the best time to explore this Norwegian beauty. Not only does this month promises great weather with least perspiration but the Constitution Day celebration also falls in May.

There are festivities and celebrations all over Norway on May 17. Norwegians came out on the streets wearing the national dress, waving the national flag and congratulating each other on this day. And later towards the end of the month, there’s annual international music and cultural festival in Bergen which is the largest in Nordic nations. Defined by seven fjords and seven hills surrounding it and a series of Hanseatic commercial buildings on the eastern side of the Vågen harbor as its centerpiece, Bergen offers a great and lively cultural experience. Apart from the old-world charm of the city, there are cheery cafes, cozy restaurants, dazzling clubs and impressive art galleries to keep you engaged throughout your vacation.

View of Bergen, Norway | TOP 10 Places To Travel in May
Bergen, Norway / Copyright lsantilli

4. Malta

May is the time when the temperature starts rising in Malta making days sunny and bright. Fluctuating between 17C to 21C, May is also a dry month in this tiny island country nestled in the Mediterranean Sea. The lovely town with a mix of African and European culture, Malta also has a unique charm of its own.

Explore the scenic fishing hamlets and ancient relics, swim the crystalline sea, or simply relax by gazing at the picture-perfect coastline with brightly painted ancient fishing boats docked at the shore. Don’t miss the lip-smacking seafood served at the cozy restaurants. If you are a movie buff, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt starrer By the Sea was shot at Malta and its sister island called Gozo.

Port of Mgarr on the small island of Gozo - Malta | TOP 10 Places To Travel in May
Port of Mgarr on the small island of Gozo – Malta / Copyright Steve Allen

3. The Inca Trail, Peru

The mysterious Machu Picchu is intriguing in every season but May is the ideal month to explore the Lost City of the Incas as valley will be lush after the end of rainy season. There will not be much crowd and Inca trail will be tourist free.

Although you will need to plan months ahead as permits are required and the authorities do not allow more than 500 people on the trail, it will still be easier in May with the much lesser crowd. Take a guided walk to the trail which is exciting yet easy, witness the intriguing ruins of Inca civilization and come back with a bagful of travel memories.

Ancient Inca ruins along the Inca Trail in Peru | TOP 10 Places To Travel in May
Ancient Inca ruins along the Inca Trail in Peru / Copyright Paul Clarke

2. Algarve, Portugal

The most popular tourist destination in Portugal, Algarve may not sound like a great recommendation for a May trip but look at the brighter side of it. May is the time when the temperature starts rising but there are barely any tourists. The gorgeous beaches, breath taking views of the cliffs, exotic islands are all to yourself. Bars are less crowded and you can enjoy the beach activities to the fullest.

Not just this but May also offers an opportunity to explore the greener side of this gorgeous destination amidst olive groves. Explore outskirts of Algarve and you will be in for a surprise. This beautiful region is not only about golden beaches but also about atmospheric villages, flower-laden hillsides, and trails for hiking enthusiasts. This May, head to Algarve for a memorable trip.

Amazing View of Ponta da Piedade, Algarve region, Portugal | TOP 10 Places To Travel in May
View of Ponta da Piedade, Algarve region, Portugal / Copyright Pawel Kazmierczak

1. Istanbul, Turkey

There are reasons why tourists head to Istanbul in May and the reasons are not just the Blue Mosque, vibrant Bazaars and the world-famous culinary delights of this Turkish town. May brings a pleasant weather, and cultural experiences too. With long sunny days and occasional rains, May is the month when the beautiful and historic Istanbul is easy breezy just before the heat waves set in.

The ideal time to explore the great Byzantine and Ottoman relics, May is also the peak time when tourists flock into this ancient town. Accommodation will be expensive and you will rub shoulders with the crowd. But it’s worth to face these minor challenges as May also brings The Istanbul Tulip Festival which lends the metropolis a unique look. Then there is the Hıdrellez Festival—a modern take on age-old Anatolian celebration of spring— held in Ahırkapı during the first week in May.

View of Galata Tower over the Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey | TOP 10 Places To Travel in May
Galata Tower over the Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey / Copyright Viacheslav Lopatin

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