TOP 10 Places To Travel in March

3. Nara, Japan

Just a short train ride away from Kyoto and Osaka, Nara in March is a spectacle. Attracting a huge number of visitors every year, Nara is the venue of one of the oldest Buddhist festivals in Japan. The Omizutori festival, the main attraction of Japan’s ancient capital, is an annual event which continues for almost two weeks at Todai-ji temple complex.

The monks parade each night with burning torches in their hands and shower embers on the onlookers and visitors to purify them. One-of-its-kind experience, Omizutori festival is why you must visit Nara in March.

Koriyama Castle in the spring season in Nara | T OP 10 Places To Travel in March
Koriyama Castle in March, Nara / Copyright Sean Pavone

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