TOP 10 Places To Travel in March

1. Cartagena, Columbia

Cobbled alleys, bougainvillea covered balconies, magnificent churches, colonial stone walls, romantic atmosphere, tropical climate and dazzling nightlife, Cartagena de Indias is perhaps the most enticing destination in Colombia’ s Caribbean Coast Region. Relics from the past, salsa, and lip-smacking street food are not the only highlights of this stunning vintage town in March.

In the third month of the year, the Columbian town hosts the famous International Film Festival of Cartagena attracting millions of movie buffs to its mainland every year. Abuzz with movie fever, Cartagena in March offers a unique experience in addition to the gorgeous sights and loads of history. If history and movie are your things and where to travel in March is your question, Cartagena can be the answer.

Very romantic View of Cartagena, Colombia | T OP 10 Places To Travel in March
Very romantic View of Cartagena, Colombia / Copyright rocharibeiro

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