TOP 10 Places To Travel in April

 1. Paris, France

Paris, just the mere mention of it weaves romantic dreams, imagine its beauty in Spring. Paris is truly magical right from the beginning of the season in April. Trees and flowers are in blossom; good looking Parisians get into spring clothing and golden evenings make Paris shimmer like a piece of jewel in April.

After a winter monochrome, the French capital is suddenly awash with vivid hues, apple and cherry blossoms add the freshness into occasionally brisk air and daffodils make it picture perfect. Occasional showers will be there but it won’t spoil your day.

Take a stroll along the Seine or laze around in one of the parks, stare at the architectural marvels or take chocolate making lessons, Paris will enchant you like it does to millions of tourists from all over the world. Then there are shows and exhibitions to make your days and evenings truly memorable. Paris hosts many sporting and cultural events in April and you will realize why April in Paris is like nowhere else on the planet.

Romantic sunset in Paris, France    |   TOP 10 Places To Travel in April
Romantic sunset in Paris, France / Copyright Prasit Rodphan

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