TOP 10 Budget Destinations for 2016

TOP 10 Budget Destinations for 2016 #budgettravel #travel

Bitten by a travel bug but your pockets are not deep enough? Fret not, here are the top 10 budget destinations for 2016 to stoke your travel dreams without going broke.

1. Cuba

The hottest and a must-visit destination for 2016, Cuba has seen an incredible rise in tourism due to various factors. Enticing history, tourist- friendly locals, less stringent travel rules and more pocket-friendly travel packages due to the fierce competition: Cuba has managed to fetch more attention than one could ever imagine. Featuring high on the list of top 10 budget destinations for 2016, a trip to Cuba will not break your bank. Major airlines such as Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and JetBlue Airways have added more flights to Cuba resulting into a considerable reduction in fare. The number of cruise operators has also increased and the tour operators are slashing down prices to almost half as compared to the previous year. And all this is to allure travelers. Grab the opportunity, if you are looking for a memorable holiday in a budget, no better place than Cuba, at least for 2016.

The Capitol in Havana, Cuba | TOP 10 Budget Destinations for 2016
Havana / Cuba Copyright Anna Jedynak

2. Greece

Historically low value of Euro pushes Greece up into the list of budget destinations for 2016. While the country tries to fight back the financial crisis, the hotel tariffs are considerably low and the famous Greek hospitality has gone a few more notches higher. As gorgeous as ever with lesser travelers, traffic-free roads, safe as before but expenses cut down to half make Greece an ideal budget destination for 2016.

Beautiful view of Oia, Santorini, Greece | TOP 10 Budget Destinations for 2016
Oia, Santorini / Greece. Copyright Dmitrijs Dmitrijevs

3. Vietnam

Natural beauty combined with compelling history, Vietnam is finally getting all the travelers’ attention it deserved for so many years. This southeast Asian country is not just an incredibly warm and friendly but is affordable too. Various studies show that the two major Vietnamese cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are the most budget -friendly cities in the world. Therefore, if you looking to have a great time with your family this year without digging deep into your pocket, Vietnam is your destination.

Tam Coc Grotto, Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam | TOP 10 Budget Destinations for 2016
Tam Coc Grotto, Ninh Binh Province / Vietnam Copyright Hoang Tran

4. Portugal

The USA Today declared Portugal as The Best European Country in 2014 and the country also holds a coveted place among the 20 most visited countries in the world. Tourism in Portugal doesn’t seem to slow down in near future considering the fact that it is one of the most sought-after budget travel destinations for 2016 as well. Low-cost airlines and great cultural experiences along with exotic beaches are some of the main reasons why everyone wants to fly to Portugal making it one of the top 10 budget destinations for 2016.

Romantic view of Lisbon at night | TOP 10 Budget Destinations for 2016
Lisbon / Portugal. Copyright S-F

5. Montenegro

If you are a budget traveler and wondering why to go to Montenegro in 2016, here’s the answer. As per the national strategy of the Government of Montenegro tourism is to be developed as a major contributor to the economy, therefore, is doing every bit to attract tourists. Featured among the ’50 Places of a Lifetime’ by National Geographic Traveler, Montenegro, is nothing less than a dream destination for budget travelers.

Old church inside Stari Grad, Kotor, Montenegro | TOP 10 Budget Destinations for 2016
Stari Grad, Kotor / Montenegro Copyright saiko3p

6. New York

New York? A budget destination? Yes, it’s true. This pricey American beauty indeed has become more affordable in recent years and makes a grand entry in the list of top 10 budget destinations for 2016. The Big Apple which witnessed a considerable fall in the number of tourists until a few years ago decided to respond swiftly to the problem by increasing lodging options hence making it less expensive to stay in the city that never sleeps (believe it or not approx.30000 hotels rooms added in past seven years) and by reducing airfare. Result? New York strengthens its position as a travel destination for all kind of travelers including those on a shoestring budget.

The Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Skyline, New York City. USA | TOP 10 Budget Destinations for 2016
New York City / USA. Copyright Luciano Mortula

7. Malaysia

If you are a foodie and pampering the taste buds is the basic idea of traveling for you but have a modest budget then head to Malaysia. Dirt cheap air tickets, affordable yet lip-smacking street food, pocket-friendly hotels and plenty of sights to enjoy, this Asian destination is climbing the charts of popularity quite rapidly and not without reasons.

Petronas Twin Towers at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | TOP 10 Budget Destinations for 2016
Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia Copyright Hu Xiao Fang

8. Croatia

Scenic and fun, Croatia is an ideal budget destination if you are looking for a family holiday but have a monetary constraint. Until a few years back Croatia was known for naturist or nudist beaches and resorts. However, in recent years, the country has seen a rise in health tourism hence lodging facilities have improved. The exchange rates were never so attractive and Zlatni Rat, one of the best beaches in Europe is also adding up to Croatia’s popularity. Those who cannot afford a trip to Italy are heading to Croatia for a Mediterranean holiday. A must-visit destination for 2016 which will not weigh heavy on your pocket.

Amazing shoot of Dubrovnik, Croatia | TOP 10 Budget Destinations for 2016
Dubrovnik / Croatia. Copyright OPIS Zagreb

9. Puerto Rico

Stunning beaches, delicious local food, affordable accommodations and fun time guaranteed for kids, Puerto Rico for Americans is like visiting the neighborhood. For the rest of the world, this enticing United States territory in the northeastern Caribbean is one of the hottest budget destinations for 2016. Although Puerto Rico has been lagging behind its Caribbean competition due to various reasons, there has been a considerable increase in the number of cruise ship visitors from 1.2 million to 1.5 million in the previous year. In the current year, the number of budget travelers is expected to go even higher for the simple fact, when you can’t afford a trip to the Dominican Republic or if you wish to ditch the crowd, head to Puerto Rico.

San Juan, Puerto Rico coast at Paseo de la Princesa | TOP 10 Budget Destinations for 2016
San Juan / Puerto Rico Copyright Sean Pavone

10. Morocco

Arguably Africa’s most compelling landscape with high mountains and widespread deserts, Morocco’s charm lies in its ancient cities, twisted lanes and folklore. Inexpensive, alluring and tourist-friendly, Morocco is aiming to find a place among top 20 tourists destinations in the world by 2020. The government has been making efforts to make Morocco a cheap, exotic and safe place for tourists and going length and breadth to attract travelers. No better time than now to explore the sand dunes and rugged coastline of Morocco if you call yourself a budget traveler.

Jemaa el Fna Square at sunset in Marrakesh, Morocco. The square is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.
Marrakesh, Morocco / Copyright posztos

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