Things to Do and See in Lisbon in 3 Days

Lisbon, Portugal exhibits the best of both worlds. While it is indeed a 21st century metropolitan city, it also retains a great deal of its history and charm.

Lisbon rests upon seven hills and is situated on the northern banks of the Tagus River. The Portuguese call it the Rio Tejo. The river was important in establishing Lisbon as a significant Roman port since the waterway provided protection from the roaring waves of the Atlantic Ocean. It is this foundation upon which Lisbon still strives today.

For the tourist, there are so many things to do and see in Lisbon. The art alone would take days to explore. Within a three-day stay, however, there is much that you accomplish and feel as though you truly spent time getting to know Lisbon.

Your best mode of transportation likely to be what the locals use. Public transportation is inexpensive and reliable in Lisbon. The Metro is the fastest way to travel to some areas and there are four lines. You can purchase a pre-paid card for the Metro (similar to the Oyster Card in London) and top it off as needed. It’s much cheaper and you won’t have to worry about digging out euros to handle your fare. There are also the city’s bus lines which have a pre-paid option. Or, you can purchase your fare once onboard.

Finally, there are trams, streetcars and yes, the lifts. The latter is used to navigate those seven hills. The Elevador de Santa Justa promises great views of the city.

How to spend 3 Days in Lisbon #Portugal


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