The most beautiful European Destinations in Spring

2. Valletta, Malta

Tranquillity defines the capital of Malta named Valletta measuring 600m by 1000m with a population of 6,675 people. UNESCO’s world heritage site described as ‘one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world’, Valletta is gorgeous with its Baroque palaces, churches and gardens. Between dry summers and wild winters, it is the season of spring when Valletta is at the peak of its scenic splendour. Explore the alleys and enjoy the architectural brilliance under the mild sun and comfortable temperature. Enjoy swimming and sightseeing with a deliciously fresh food on your platter and if you are travelling to Valletta early in April, bring in the spring with International Spring Orchestra Festival organised every year in the capital city. The festival is one of the most sought after classical music events in the Mediterranean basin—a spring bonus to the travellers.

Msida Parish Church - Valletta - Malta | The most beautiful European Destinations in Spring
Msida Parish Church – Valletta – Malta Copyright FooTToo

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