The most beautiful European Destinations in Spring

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1. Provence, France

Lavender and olive blossoms swaying to the music of pleasant breeze, cobalt sky leaning towards the horizon and ivory sunshine leading to bright smiles, Provence in France is a nothing less than a beautiful poetry during spring. A gorgeous historical province of south-eastern France, Provence is located at the bank of river Rhone. Rich in antiquity to be explored in ruins of Greek settlements during 600 and 540 BC, Provence in spring offers you a bounty of good time through afternoons by the sun-kissed beach, swimming in between sights and snorkelling excursions. Relish local cuisines with farm fresh artichokes and asparagus, enjoy the strawberry and wine festivals. Don’t miss the traditional celebration of the Provence culture in Jonquières in the month of May, when people don the traditional attire and dance to the compelling sound of tambourines Provence is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Europe.

Beautiful Lavender field in Provence, France | The most beautiful European Destinations in Spring

Beautiful Lavender field in Provence Copyright Gordon Bell

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