How to Spend 3 Days in Amsterdam

Day 2 Take a Canal Tour in Amsterdam | How to Spend 3 Days in Amsterdam

Take a Canal Tour: Can you talk about your Amsterdam trip without mentioning a canal tour? The answer is ‘NO’. The canals in the capital city of Netherlands are not just spectacular but are also declared as UNESCO monument in 2010. A boat tour of the canal will also give you majestic views of the city’s monumental architecture lining up the canal belt.

Take a closer look at the Royal Palace: A trip to the city that boasts about its centuries old architecture is simply not complete without a closer look at the Royal Palace. This 19th-century palace was commissioned as a town hall in 1648 and is a must-visit sight.

Explore the neighbourhood —The Jordaan: Late in the afternoon, spend your time exploring the neighbourhood, which was originally of working class, however, now is the uptown of Amsterdam. Dig your taste-buds deep into local cuisine, marvel at the beauty of life at hip bars and wander through the maze-like streets to discover hidden courtyards. In short experience the way of life in Amsterdam.

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