How to Spend 3 Days in Amsterdam

Day 1 in Amsterdam

Visit Van Gogh Museum: Begin your tour of Amsterdam with the most prominent feature of the city, historic monuments. One of the must-sees in Amsterdam is the Van Gogh Museum, which was opened in 1973. The museum has about 500 drawings and 200 paintings by Vincent and also by contemporaries and friends. A visit to this museum will keep you wondering about the masterpieces for a long-long time.

Visit The Rijksmuseum (National Museum): In the close vicinity of Van Gogh Museum, is the national museum. The Rijksmuseum has been reopened in 2013 after a renovation that lasted for ten long years and is one of the must-visit sights in Amsterdam.

The Rijksmuseum (National Museum)

Visit The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam | How to Spend 3 Days in AmsterdamVisit Anne Frank Huis: Whether or not you are a book lover, the house where the wartime diarist and writer spent her last days, is something that will transport you many centuries back. With almost one million visitors every year, the Anne Frank Huis has the actual diary displayed in a glass case. The house has a rear house (achterhuis)—a dark, suffocating Secret Annexe, where the Franks spent the daytime in complete silence. A visit to Anne Frank Huis is a powerful experience that you must not miss.

Visit Artis Royal Zoo: After visiting museums and a soul stirring experience at Anne Frank Huis, take it a bit lightly at the latter half of the day by visiting Artis Royal Zoo. If you don’t already know, Artis Royal Zoo is the oldest zoo on the European continent. Take leisurely walks in the winding pathways, enjoy the beauty of ponds and statues, stare at the alligators, chimps and zebras wide-eyed and enjoy the chirping of birds to relax and gear up for another fun-filled day at the gorgeous city of Amsterdam.

Experience the Cannabis Coffeeshop Culture: What better way to conclude the first day of your trip than by experiencing something that not every other destination around the world will offer. Amsterdam is the place where you can purchase high-quality weed or hash at, believe it or not, a coffee shop. These coffee shops are just a unique take on the laid-back cafes, where they offer you a joint with a cup of coffee. It may surprise you but approximately, half a million travellers visit Amsterdam to experience these cannabis coffee shops.

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