Spain Travel Guide

Spain Travel Guide #Spain #GuideMelancholy Roman ruins, buoyant beaches, audacious architecture, majestic snow-capped mountains—Spain is a country like no other in the world, much more than just about Bullfights and Soccer tournaments. Where else can you find the serenity of idyllic whitewashed villages and the irrepressible pizzazz of the big cities complimenting each other so beautifully to create the unique yet vibrant spirit of the land? And we haven’t even mentioned the elegance of Flamenco, fine food and enchanting landscape yet.

The Kingdom of Spain in the Southwestern Europe is the country, which has the second-largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, after Italy. Spain—with Madrid as the capital—is so diverse that it not only takes the visitors by surprise, but strikes a chord with each one of them—be it a beach lover or madly in love with mountains, lonely backpacker or family looking for fun time together, travelling on a shoe-string budget or out for a luxury vacation—Spain has something for everyone. And then there are Spaniards—warm, friendly and relaxed, enjoying the siesta and dancing till dawn. With so much to explore and experience in Spain, the vital question is not ‘what to do in Spain’ but, it should be ‘what not to do in Spain.’ So, here’s a Spain travel guide for you to make your Spain trip a truly memorable one.

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