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One of the most visited and loved European cities, Prague, capital of Czech Republic, stands by a particular architectural style, dominated by castles Gothic and Baroque and the imposing churches. Crossed by the river Vltava, Prague is the most valuable Czech conservation area, urban center or historically, being included in 1992 World Cultural Heritage, UNESCO.

Since the Middle Ages, Prague has been designated as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and being awarded a number of names such as “golden city”, “crown of the world” or ”dream stone”.

What to expect in Prague

√ Language: Czech
√ Currency: Czech koruna 1 = 100 cents
√ Climate: The climate is continental, with hot summers (temperature average is 23 degrees C) and cold winters (temperature the average – 5 ° C).
Beware of rainy days! Wear shoes that do not slip on the streets cobblestone. The best time to visit Prague is fromMay to September.

Beautiful Prague | Prague Travel Tips
Beautiful Prague Copyright Lucertolone


Czech cuisine contains generally prepared traditional potato and meat served with all kinds of dumplings and many types of sauces.
Soups are preferred by Czechs and have a wide variety recipes:
– Potato soup
– Garlic soup
– Chicken soup with noodles
– Beef soup with dumplings and liver
– Sauerkraut soup
– Dill soup and sour milk

The salads contain, in their vast majority, dressings and mayonnaise-based sauces, some may even contain and sugar, so when ordering a salad, as well to inquire about the ingredients we contains.

If you want to eat a traditional Czech, you can choose a roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut or sirloin marinated, served with the famous, dumplings Knedlíky or a sauce prepared, of cream and mashed root vegetables (carrots, celery, parsley).


√ Kolkovna (V Kolkovně 8, Praga 1) – A famous local for soups, grilled steaks and beer Pilsner Urquell unpasteurized.
√ U Básníka Pánve (Mánesova 62, Prague 2) – famous for new cuisine – the house specialty a delicious extra spicy goulash at a price more than accessible (140 CZK).
√ Maly Buddha / Little Buddha (Uvoz 46, Prague 1) – located very close to Prague Castle, offer specialties Chinese and Vietnamese at very low prices (100-200 CZK) and a variety of teas.

Municipal House Prague, Czech Republic | Prague Travel Tips
Municipal House Prague, Czech Republic Copyright sansa55

Getting around

The main areas of the Old City are: Old Synagogue, Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock. Across the river is called the Lesser Lesser Quarter Strana, being related to Old Town by Charles Bridge.
√ Old Town Square is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. Pastel houses and imposing Gothic cathedral, will captivate you from first date, and you definitely will prompt you to welcome back in this splendid city. In the center of the square is the statue of the religious leader from the 1400s, Jan Hus.
√ Astronomical Clock – The clock is composed of three elements:
– Dial astrological positions that are presented moon and sun in the sky and various details astrological;
– Dial that every hour runs show apostles and other figures;
– Calendar dial with medallions that are months per year.
√ Charles Bridge is probably the most emblematic landmark of Prague, a medieval bridge built in stone over the river Vltava. It has over 516 m long and is decorated with a continuous alley 30 statues, most baroque.

View of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, Czech Republic | Prague Travel Tips
View of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, Czech Republic Copyright Martin M303

√ Prague Castle is the place where he had residence Bohemian kings, emperors of the Roman Empire, and presidents of Czechoslovakia and the Republic Czech. Also Bohemian Crown jewels are located in the castle. The castle is mentioned on the list UNESCO World Heritage, with a series of rooms and ecclesiastical buildings of architectural styles different.

Where to stay (our proposal) in Prague

Price: from 354 euro / person / 2 night
– Description: New hotel with a central location.
– Metro: Narodni Trida, approx. 350 m.
– Facilities: Bar, Elevator, 70 rooms with bathroom, TV, safe.

2. HOTEL ROMA 4* (
Price: from 352 euro / person / 2 nights
– Description: Hotel located in the city center, housed in a building historical. Located on Kleinzee, at a distance of ca. 800 m from the Bridge
– Carol. By tram (Station: Ujezd directly in front of the hotel) is reached center in about 5 minutes.
– Facilities: Bar, fitness, sauna, elevator, garage, 87 rooms with bathroom, TV, Internet access, minibar, safe.

Price: from 354 euro / person / 2 nights
– Description: Hotel comfortable, renovated, located in a former palace style neo-renaissance in the historic center, a few minutes walk from the Bridge Carol.
– Facilities: Bar, winter garden, fitness center, sauna, elevator, garage, 82 rooms with bathroom, TV, internet, minibar, air conditioning, safe.

Price: from 362 euro / person / 2 nights
– Description: Hotel elegant, comfortable, in the heart of Prague on a distance of about 5 minutes walk from Sf.Venceslaus market. Subway: Muzeum, approx. 200 m.
– Facilities: Restaurant, bar, fitness room, Finnish sauna, with steam, elevator, garage, 109 rooms, tastefully furnished with bathroom bathroom, TV, minibar, air conditioning facility, safe.

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