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Cuisine – What to eat in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, the locals eat soup and sandwiches for lunch and sometimes drink a glass of milk. Like the British, they prefer chips and are also big fans of waffers as Belgians. We recommend you to try ‘bitter balls’ – fried cheese croquettes or balls (traditional specialty) which is served near a coffee or snack with beer.

Besides the famous cheeses in the world, the Dutch are big fans of vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, beets, endive, cauliflower) but also meat (pork, beef, chicken).

√ Snert (Erwtensoep) – the most famous soup of the Netherlands; is based on peas, very consistent and dense; it can be served with rye bread.
√ Hutspot – a dish based on vegetables (potatoes and boiled carrots, chopped onion).
√ Stamppot – potatoes mixed with various other vegetables, mainly cabbage, carrots and onions, and served with meat or sausages and pickled onions.
√ Stamppot Rauw andijvie – raw endive, battered and served with boiled potatoes and smoke-dried bacon.

√ De Kas (Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3)
√ Envy (Prinsengracht 381) – you can choose cook menu (50 Euro / person) or delicacies from the bar.
√ The Mansion (Hobbemastraat 2), restaurant, bar and club. Relaxed atmosphere, Chinese cuisine.
√ Goldfish (Westerstraat 136) Asian: tuna tartare, caesar salad, Thai mussels, all in a relaxed atmosphere with sofas and lamps in Buddha style.
√ Odeon (Singel 460), brasserie, restaurant, bar and club. Here cultural events, exhibitions and concerts are frequently held. Menu of the day 40 Euro / person.

Amsterdam Travel Tips
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