America’s 10 Best National Parks You Should Visit

5. Glacier National Park, Montana

It is said that in 1850 there were some 150 glaciers in existence; nowadays, around 25 remain, making them a dying breed. And if you’ve been putting off the trip to Glacier National Park all this time, well, you just can’t afford to do it any longer.

If not for the aforementioned reason, then because of this park’s glaciers (duh), but also its pristine alpine lakes and massive mountain peaks. By the way, glacier regression models put the number of glaciers at 0 by 2030, so you might want to pick up the pace. Our suggestion for maximizing the adventure? Take a boat tour from Swiftcurrent Lake behind Many Glacier Hotel; alternatively, you can rent your own small motorboat, rowboat, canoe or even kayak.

Glacier National Park, Montana | America’s 10 Best National Parks You Should Visit
Glacier National Park, Montana / Copyright kan_khampanya

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