America’s 10 Best National Parks You Should Visit

8. Zion National Park, Utah

Another entry on the list that’s located in beautiful Utah, Zion is one of those well-known natural gems we spoke of earlier. Often overshadowing Bryce Canyon and many other equally gorgeous natural havens, Zion’s reputation precedes it.

The centerpiece here is the whopping, 2,000-foot Zion Canyon, which, by itself, is more than reason enough to consider this place one of the best national parks in America. Add hanging valleys, slot canyons, slickrock peaks and orangey-red rock walls to that, and you’ve got yourself a destination worthy of a visit any time of year.

Zion National Park, Utah | America’s 10 Best National Parks You Should Visit
Zion National Park, Utah / Copyright James Marvin Phelps

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