About Us

“Once the travel bug bites, there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life”

—Michael Palin

Welcome to Must Visit Destinations — an extension of Paul & Paula’s passion for travelling, a platform to help you discover little and big things about a destination that only a friend can tell you, and Must Visit Destinations is also a community of travelers who believe that every country, every city, every trail has a story of its own and travelling is all about discovering those hidden tales.

about-us-m-v-dThe idea of Must Visit Destinations was conceptualized on a bright summer morning, when a friend came over with a box full of chocolates and lovely souvenirs from Lisbon to thank us for the travel tips that apparently had helped him experience the city like never before. It made us realize that we have travelled enough to extend a helping hand to design a trip to any part of the world and that’s how ‘Must Visit Destinations’ blog was born.

To tell you more about us—Paul & Paula—much before our lives were united by the holy matrimony, wanderlust had already brought our souls together. Destiny, as we believe, brought us face-to-face in a distant Asian land. Bitten by the travel bug and possessing the same amount of passion for journey, we explored hidden treasures of Mother Nature, walked the beaten paths, relished the local cuisines, captured the best of memories in photographs and left little of ourselves in a country which no longer remained foreign to us. Ever since, there has been no looking back. Together, we travelled far-fetched destinations, discovered the small and big wonders of nature, enriched ourselves with the history and understood the culture, which may differ on the face, but remains the same at heart.


We roved around the world, made friends in distant corners of the earth, lived under the sun. At times, lost ourselves in the unknown crooked alleys, but we always returned home with a bagful of experience that changed our perspective of life. From the beautiful countryside to glitzy urban cities, from snow-capped mountains to sun-kissed beaches, from gorgeous fjords to opulent castles, and from the street food in China to fine dining in Madrid, we lived through the experiences that made us realize that no two destinations are alike and each has a unique world of its own. And travelling is not just to explore the destinations but to enjoy the journey and imbibe the best of culture from wherever you go.

Amazing Lisbon

While traveling from one destination to another, we largely made wonderful memories etched into our hearts forever. However, there have also been times when we wished to be better-informed, the small pieces of information that could have made a lot of difference to understand a place better. Every time we struggled to find that perfect place to stay in a country like China, or when we burnt a hole in our pockets in Norway, we wished someone would have helped us with a friendly advice. Therefore, at Must Visit Destinations blog, we wish to offer you a helping hand, not just to decide the destination to suit your requirement, but wherever you choose to go, we will share the intricate details to prevent stumbling on an unknown ground. We want to help you make the perfect memories.

Beautiful Rome
Beautiful Rome

As we told you, travel is our passion and we wish to connect with everyone out there who has a wanderlust. We do not promise to fulfill your travel dreams, but we intend to arm you with relevant information about the destinations you choose to visit. From our own learnings and experiences through each of our trips, we will guide you how to be a local in a foreign land, which matters a lot when you are away from home.

Must Visit Destinations is not just another travelogue in the complex universe of the World Wide Web, but it is our passion to unravel distant destinations, culture, history and capture the moments through photography that we are sharing with you. In turn, we would like to listen to your fascinating travel tales. Be with your friends—Paul & Paula for many more journeys to come and for more enchanting accounts of unknown destinations as we believe: “The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life. ” —Agnes Repplier

If you have any questions, are interested to work with us or just want to say hello you can contact us via email: blog [@] must-visit-destinations.com