7 Awesome Things to Do and See if You Travel to Madagascar

An animal kingdom with epic landscapes Madagascar is known for its geological diversity. An incredible island country in the Indian Ocean, on the eastern coast of Africa, Madagascar is also the fourth largest island in the world. However, Madagascar’s real claim to fame is its mindboggling kaleidoscope of nature where rainforests and deserts are not far from each other.

There are mountains, sandstone canyons, and limestones karsts at one side and lush green terraced fields, dense forests and alluring coastline on the other. A unique country of baobabs and lemurs, Madagascar is a dream destination for any wildlife or adventure junkie. There are plenty of tourist attractions in Madagascar, however, most of the country is unspoiled and challenging to explore and that’s what makes a trip to Madagascar not just memorable but an intense and rewarding experience as well.

If you are planning to visit this spectacular country, here are 7 awesome things to do and see if you travel to Madagascar.

7 Awesome Things to Do and See if You Travel to Madagascar #madagascar #travel

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  1. says: Biche | ChickAboutTown.com


    I had often seen pictures of the Avenue of the Baobabs, and that alone had always made me want to visit Madagascar. I had no clue there was so much else to see there.

    Thanks for sharing!


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