3 Unforgettable Days in Sicily – Itinerary suggestions

Day 2: Villa Romana del Casale – Catania – Taormina

Explore the markets of Piazza Armerina: Begin your day 2 in Sicily with one of the most famous sights in Piazza Aemerina—Villa Romana del Casale. Believed to have been the country retreat of Rome’s co-emperor during the reign of Diocletian, Marcus Aurelius Maximianus, Villa Romana del Casale lay under the soil for 700 years due to the landslide in the 12th century. It was only in 1950 when the excavation began, the marvellous multicoloured mosaic floors showed up. With a place in UNESCO’s world heritage site list, the villa is central Sicily’s identity, attracting a huge number of tourists every year. Located in the outskirts of Piazza Armerina, the Roman villa built in the early 4th century is regarded for its most complex, richest collection of Roman mosaics in the world.

Mosaics in Villa Romana del Casale, Sicilia, Italy, UNESCO World Heritage Site | 3 Unforgettable Days in Sicily - Itinerary suggestions
Mosaics in Villa Romana del Casale, Sicilia, Italy, UNESCO World Heritage Site / Copyright Pecold

There’s also an old town in Piazza Armerina with some interesting heritage buildings into its lap. The market town is also famous for its restaurants serving gastronomical delights. Don’t miss the pizza at Amici Miei, a low wooden ceiling and stone-walled restaurant in Piazza Armerina. Antipasto della casa is what locals recommend for eating here. It’s a lip-smacking platter of sliced pancetta, cheese, frittata, caponata, and ricotta with what else but balsamic vinegar.

Enjoy the Sicilian delicacies in Catania

Chaotic yet charming, the second-largest city of Sicily has pulsating air in its surroundings with historical gems, vibrant fish markets, hundreds of bars, beautiful and warm cafes, and the brooding presence of Mount Etna at the horizon. With so many things to admire in the UNESCO listed sites, you need to spend some time in Catania. Just explore the town, gaze upon its beauty and don’t miss the food. For a great lunch experience, head to Cutilisci, a sea side restaurant serving some great seafood delicacies. Later, you may try Catania’s favorite Impanata which is bread dough snacks stuffed with vegetable, meat, or cheese.

Castello Normanno (Aci Castello) Catania | 3 Unforgettable Days in Sicily - Itinerary suggestions
Castello Normanno (Aci Castello) / Must-Visit-Destinations.com

Spend an evening in Taormina

Globetrotting celebrities’ favourite, Taormina in Sicily is a resort town perched gracefully on a mountain side. A popular tourist destination since the 19th century, this stylish Sicilian town in the east coast has spectacular beaches and designer stores, along with medieval churches, a magnificent Greek theatre and Mt Etna looming over its skyline. Relax by the beach, and enjoy the sunset in the seductive city of Taormina for a picture-perfect holiday in Sicily.

Taormina, Italy- a beautiful resort town with a multitude of outdoor cafe's. Lots of windy roads with hairpin turns to get there. | 3 Unforgettable Days in Sicily - Itinerary suggestions
Taormina, Italy / Must-Visit-Destinations.com

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