3 Unforgettable Days in Sicily – Itinerary suggestions

How to make the most of the Sicily in 72 hours…

Johann Goethe couldn’t be more accurate to write “the key to Italy is Sicily” because it is in Sicily that Italy is at its alluring most, be it music, arts, literature, architecture or cuisine.

If you have the rest of the country as a benchmark, Sicily is not quintessential Italian. It has a character of its own. In Sicily, food is spicier and dialect is mostly Sicilian. And then the fresh fragrances of lemons, oranges and pears add up to the magic of this amazing Mediterranean island.

With brimful of UNESCO World Heritage sites, there are plenty of places to see in Sicily and it’s really difficult to list down what to do in Sicily in three days…

However, there are some must-visit sites and cities to summarize the abundance of Sicily in a nutshell. Here are some wonderful Sicilian cities to make the most of your short trip.

And how can a trip to this spectacular island be complete without a mention of what to eat in Sicily? Therefore, here are some food recommendations as well to make your Sicily sojourn truly extraordinary.3 Unforgettable Days in Sicily - How to make the most of the island in 72 hours.. #travel #sicily #travelmonamour

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  1. says: Marilyn King

    Love your Blog on Sicily! We have 7 days to spend there, can you suggest other places to explore and also would you hire a car, travel by train or bus? We will be in Sicily
    5-11 July 2018.
    I hope you don’t mind me asking.
    Cheers Marilyn

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