10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Sicily

If you’ve ever seen The Godfather, chances are Don Vito Corleone is your main association to the word “Sicily.” That’s quite alright; such is the case with millions of pop-culture lovers around the world. However, it would be rather cruel to associate a negative notion such as crime to a place that has countless more positive aspects. Therefore, we’d like to reinvigorate the idea of Sicily as a tourist paradise and a place you should definitely see before the end of your days.

Top tourist attractions in Sicily are, undoubtedly, numerous. There’s no hot water to be discovered here, right? Yet, each traveler somehow manages to innately discover something very deep and personal wherever their voyages take them. And it’s sharing these invisible, inexplicable connections with other people that adds so much charm and appeal to even the most famous of places. Therefore, allow us to share with you our vision of an undiscovered Italian paradise the way we felt it.

10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Sicily #sicily #italy

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  1. says: Dawn

    It’s mind-boggling to me that I spent two months in Sicily and still missed almost half of the places in this post. For a little island, it sure has a LOT of must-see places. Great list! It looks like I’ll have to go back to Sicily and see some more (such a chore).

  2. says: Claudia

    Hi! Actually I am sicilian, in my opinion you need to add to your list Aeolian island, they are amazing, you should visit them ☺

  3. says: Alex

    HI being sicilian I suggest absolutely the little island of GINOSTRA j togethet with just behind STROMBOLIIsland part of the 7 Eolian Islands and the Villa del Casale of PIAZZA ARMERINA Magnificent Roman Villa

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