10 Things Not to Miss in Tanzania

Enchanting wildlife with herds and herds of elephants following the migratory trail, hippos jostling in the mud, chimpanzees swinging from one tree to another, crocodiles lazing into the water, giraffes standing tall against Baobab trees and the Lion king taking a gut-wrenching leap, Tanzania is incredibly amazing postcard destination of Africa. This largest country in East Africa and probably one of the oldest continuously inhabited expanses on Earth, Tanzania is not only about wildlife and natural wealth that it possesses but there’s much more including a spectacular coastline of the Indian Ocean, vibrant culture, serene islands and quiet fishing hamlets. And then comes the graceful and dignified Mt Kilimanjaro-Africa’s highest peak and one of the world’s highest freestanding mountains.

There’s so much to do and see in Tanzania that a holiday on this African land needs oodles of energy. Explore national parks, spend time with red-cloaked Maasai warriors and the semi-nomadic Barabaig near Mt Hanang, relish the local meal and dance to the tune of a traditional rhythm. Wander about, chat with warm, friendly locals, explore the local markets and come back home wanting for more. It may take days to finish exploring every aspect of it. But, then there are destinations and activities that just cannot be missed. Here are 10 things not to miss in Tanzania. Take a look.

10 Things Not to Miss in Tanzania #travel #tanzania

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