10 of the World’s Most Impressive Deserts You Should Visit

4. Arabian Desert

The whole Arabian Peninsula is practically a desert, called the Arabian Desert. It spreads over Yemen, the Persian Gulf, Oman, Jordan and Iraq. Its center, Rub ‘al-Khali, is also known as the “Empty Quarter”, and I think that one can realize immediately why it is called so… You have to be well-prepared while coming to travel here, and better go into the depth of the desert with local Bedouins, as there predominate deadly quicksands.

The temperatures oscillate between very high heat to night time freezes. Besides sand seas, you could discover majestic limestone cliffs, plateaux, and imposing canyons.

The Arabian Desert | 10 of the World's Most Impressive Deserts You Should Visit
The Arabian Desert / Copyright Seqoya / shutterstock

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