10 of the World’s Most Impressive Deserts You Should Visit

5. Great Victoria Desert

Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world. Only Antarctica is drier, but it is uninhabited. The Great Victoria is the largest desert in Australia, comprising small sand hills, grassland plains, desert pavements and salt lakes. The first European who crossed the desert was the British Ernest Giles, in 1875, and after this he named the area in the honor of Queen Victoria, who was reigning at that moment.

It is a great place to observe the indigenous Australians and their living habits. The desert is a sight to behold, especially after a big rain. The Great Victoria bursts into bloom overnight! The whole area fills with flowering grevilleas and yellow, white and mauve acacias against the red sands…

The Great Victoria Desert, Australia | 10 of the World's Most Impressive Deserts You Should Visit
The Great Victoria Desert, Australia / Copyright thelandy

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