10 of the World’s Most Impressive Deserts You Should Visit

2. Gobi Dessert

A cold-winter area can offer exotic experience as well, especially if we are talking about the Great Gobi Dessert, from Central Asia. It is waiting for its tourists with snowed peaks, rare animals and hideouts rich in dinosaur fossils. The Mongolian Gobi Desert unites the large European plains and the Asian mountain ranges to the eroded valleys and sand dunes of Africa, becoming a land of those three continents.

In 1923, the American zoologist Roy Chapman Andrews discovered here the first nest of dinosaur eggs. The National Park Gurvanasaikhan offers some of the most popular attractions of the desert, including the harsh gorge Yolyn Am, or Valley of the Vultures, that is a habitat for rare species of some condors and vultures.

The Gobi Desert in Mongolia | 10 of the World's Most Impressive Deserts You Should Visit
The Gobi Desert in Mongolia / Copyright jaume

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