10 Free Things To Do In And Around London

Because of the fact that we today live in monetary societies, we are often burdened by the need to always have enough money for stuff like food, bills and other basics. On the other hand, travel is a beautiful thing and at times requires a lot of our hard earned cash. After all, St. Augustine of Hippo put it nicely: “The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read the first page.”

Now, when it comes to the UK, which is one of our favorite destinations, you probably already know there are thousands of attractions in and around London. However, free stuff to do around London might not be something you’re aware you can enjoy, so allow us to give you some options for exploring what is arguably one of the pricier destinations in one’s travel itinerary.

10 Free Things To Do In And Around London #travel #london #uk

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