10 Experiences not to miss while in India

Soul-stirring’ is what describes the land of sages, spirituality and cultural magnificence called India. The second most popular country in the world—India is not just a travel destination, but a life-changing experience for many. Beginning with the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, Indian history precedes over that of Europe. A country once known for the sadhus (Godmen) , elephants, rope tricks and immense wealth has also witnessed many powerful and great empires to emerge and decline into its very soil.

Guarded by the mighty Himalayas in the north and Indian Ocean in the south, India is a melting pot of diverse climate, culture, geography, language and ethnicity. No two cities in the land of Yoga are the same and the way of living changes from one state to another.


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From the snow-capped mountains to the pristine sun-washed beaches, Indian terrain is a drama unfolding step by step. The exquisitely carved temples, age-old fortresses, pancake-flat deserts, crumbling old fortresses and the breathtaking landscapes peering over plunging ravines, India is a land of mysteries. Whether you are an adventure junkie or a history lover, a backpacker or a luxury traveler, India will embrace you with equal affection and leave you mystified by the end of your trip. If you have not added a trip to India to your bucket list yet, do it right away.

The chances are, once you experience India, your remaining to-do list may change forever. Although, there are some amazing destinations, incredible sights, and exhilarating experiences that India has to offer, here are 10 things to Do in India or in other words, things not to miss while in India.

10 Experiences not to miss while in India #Travel #India

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