10 Breathtaking Fjords Of The World

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If you know anything about fjords at all, you undoubtedly also know that some of the most beautiful fjords in the world have a home in gorgeous Norway. Some call this Nordic country the fatherland of all fjords; be that as it may, there are still some pretty impressive representatives in many other countries of the world. Generally speaking, fjords are narrow, long arms of the sea carved by glacial activity; many of them are characterized by very steep sides.

Amazing fjords can be found in virtually any corner of the globe, which is why we’ve decided to do some digging and bring you some of the most incredible creations courtesy of Mother Nature.

The following are some of the most astonishing fjords this planet has to offer and we wish you the same awe-inspiring magnificence that was granted to us by each and every contestant on the following list during our quests. Check out our  list of 10 Breathtaking Fjords Of The World.

10 Breathtaking Fjords Of The World You Should Visit #travel #adventure

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