10 Travel Tips for New Travelers

Are you planning to travel home over the holidays to see your family and friends? Are you planning to go abroad to enjoy your holidays? I guess yes. Travelling can be risky, stressful and expensive. However, this should never worry you.

This article provides must know 10 travel tips for new travelers that you should not miss.

Don’t miss a single word!
10 Travel Tips for New Travelers | This article provides must know 10 best tips for beginners that you should not miss.

1. Do Early Booking !

If you have not booked for your holiday travel, it is time take action now. If you are waiting for travelling offers during peak periods, oh, unlucky you! Prices are on the rise and you may end up paying double the price. Otherwise, you will miss space. How does it feel to pay $450 instead of $200? It feels bad. What will it cost you to do early booking? It will only save your pennies which can be used to buy a snack during the travel.

2. Travel at night or early in the morning

It stands to reason that most people will be travelling during the normal day hours. Will you travel when there is unbearable congestion? If you travel when many people are asleep, you will expect minimum or no delays. At night, not so many people will be travelling because they will be asleep. You may also opt to travel very early in the morning when many people are enjoying the sweet morning sleep.

3. Never trust strangers

I may sound unrealistic to say that never trust strangers. Why? The local people will guide you in the foreign country. This means that you should have limits to guide you when dealing with the strangers. I know you are intelligent and your subconscious mind will never let you down when dealing with strangers. Analyze their behavior before deciding to follow them. If you want to inquire something in the foreign country, it is prudent to ask such people as hotel staff, the police and other security personnel.

4. Purchase travelling insurance

You are vulnerable to injuries and diseases when travelling abroad. This is due to the climate change. Getting treatment may be costly. For this reason, you need to get insurance to cater for the health costs. Did you know that a minor injury can cost thousands or even millions in some countries? Never put your money into jeopardy while on holiday.

5. Avoid displaying your wealth

If you are travelling abroad for holidays, it means that you are rich. Are you travelling to boost to the world that you are reach? By this I mean, avoid public displays. Do you know what those thieves over there can do to you if they see you carrying a $1999 camera and gold chains around your neck? In short, leave your expensive jewellery at home and your camera should be kept in your bag when not in use.

6. Do wise packing

You should keep in mind that airlines attach a checking fee for the bags that you carry. Suppose one bag costs $30, how many will you pay for four bags? Do that simple calculation. What I am suggesting is, carry your luggage in one bag if at all you have love for your money. Liquid luggage should be carried separately from such things as clothing. Be neat!

7. Get vaccinated before you travel

It is normal to get sick when you are travelling to a foreign country because of the changes in climate and weather patterns. This calls for vaccination. You should consider visiting a doctor if you want to make your travelling experience memorable and enjoyable-an easy travel tip.

8. Don’t give out money to beggars

I know that you think giving money away to beggars is according to God’s will. This is where you get it wrong dear friend. If you call yourself “merciful”, donate money to charity homes. Otherwise you will wonder! Getting out your wallet in the street is risky. You will end up losing all your money to the so called “beggars” and you will turn to be the real beggar. CAUTION!

9. Be aware that your biggest enemy is your travelling companion

When travelling, don’t entertaining things done by your travelling mate that may compromise your safety. Stand your ground. Their peer pressure is unnecessary to you.

10. Don’t put all your money sources in one wallet

For any travelling to be awesome, money MUST be present. Suppose you lose all your credit cards on the way. Suppose you forget your wallet in the plane. I think the trip will be extremely boring. For this, carry your money sources in different wallets to avoid being a victim of circumstance.

Following these best tips for beginners will make your travelling experience amazing!

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