10 Best Places To Visit In Washington

This is another Goliath in terms of natural wonders-turned-tourist attractions. The state of Washington is known far and wide for being home to everything from otherworldly lush, green forests to the devastating effects of volcanic eruptions. However, one mustn’t forget its urban treasures, the likes of Seattle and state capital Olympia.

Washington is also home to several eye-catching national parks, though it would be a sin to limit the state’s appeal to just these oases protected by law. All throughout the Pacific Northwest state, in fact, communities small and large tempt with island getaways, beaches and pristine lakes suited to pleasure boating.

That’s why the following encapsulates only one hundredth of the adventures on offer at this majestic natural haven.

Discover the most popular tourist attractions to visit in Washington. Here is an overview of the TOP 10 Best Places to Visit in Washington. #travel

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