What to Do in Moscow in 3 Days

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Day 1 in Moscow
Visit the heart of the Russian civilization – the Kremlin

The Red Square and the Kremlin – historical sights in Moscow which every traveler has to see. If you are in Moscow for the first time, start exploring the city from these attraction, as it is not only the heart of the Russian capital, but also of the whole country. In general, the area is so large so that even one full day can be not sufficient to see all their beauties.

View of Red Square in Moscow | What to Do in Moscow in 3 Days

View of Red Square in Moscow / Copyright Helen Filatova

The Kremlin (“fortress inside a city”) is a fortified complex which is seeming to be inspired out of a fairy-tale. The Kremlin walls and those 20 towers are surrounding five palaces, four cathedrals, as well as other buildings that are worth seeing. The inside of the Moscow Kremlin holds lots of secrets, being both a historic palace and the seat of power.  The complex serves as the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.

Of course, the main building of the complex in the Grand Kremlin Palace. The construction is built on Borovistky Hill and emphasizes the greatness of Russian autocracy. The Grand Kremlin Palace can easily be called a complex included in another complex, the Palace consisting of five huge reception halls, Georgievsky, Vladimirsky, Aleksandrovsky, Andreyevsky, and Ekaterininsky, being named for the orders of the Russian Empire. As well, each of them serves for different purposes.

Beautiful view of the Grand Kremlin Palace and Kremlin wall in Moscow | What to Do in Moscow in 3 Days

Beautiful view of the Grand Kremlin Palace and Kremlin wall in Moscow / Copyright E. O.

On the surface of the Kremlin triangle enclosure, you can see the famous Tsar Cannon monument, presenting a large medieval artillery piece that was cast in bronze in 1586. The monument is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest bombard by caliber in the world.

Another major tourist attraction in the ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin is the Tsar Bell. 6,14 meters tall, 6,6 meters in diameter, 61 centimeters thick, and weighting 201.924 kilograms, the bell is decorated with relief images of baroque angels, plants, oval medallions with saints, and life-size images of Empress Anna and Tsar Alexey. This is currently the largest bell in the world. It may seem to you paradoxically, but the Tsar Cannon has never been used as weapon and the Tsar Bell has never rung.

The Tsar Bell in Moscow, Russia | What to Do in Moscow in 3 Days

The Tsar Bell in Moscow, Russia / Copyright Vadim Rodnev

The Kremlin Armory is something that cannot be avoided, being one of the oldest museums of Moscow. The Armory was in charge of producing, purchasing and storing weapons, jewelry, and various household articles of the tsars. The finest Muscovite gunsmiths, jewelers, and painters worked here. Later, an iconography and pictorial studio were opened here. All these occupations are reflected in the pieces displayed in the museum.

A part of the Kremlin Armory is the Russian Diamond Fund. This is a gorgeous place to visit, that will bring pleasure and will cause a lot of emotions especially to women! The Fund comprises a unique collection of gems, jewelry, and natural nuggets. The major exhibits of the Fund are the Seven Historical Gems; the Crowns of Russia, that includes the Imperial Crown of Russia made for Catherine II;  the Daffodil Bouquet; the Blue Fountain; nuggets like the Great Triangle, the Camel, and Mephisto.

Have an affordable Soviet-style dinner in “Dr. Zhivago”. It is a great place to have a luxury dinner with the Kremlin view in an historical site of the National Hotel, 0,6 km far from the Kremlin complex. Choose some blintzes with caviar and vodka, some famous cutlets with a garnish, or the tasty rissoles, cakes, or coulobiacs with a cup of fresh, hot tea.

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