What to Do in Barcelona in 3 Days

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Day 1 in Barcelona
Take your dose of cultural Barcelona!

Dedicate your first day exclusively to architecture and art! It is inexcusable to visit Barcelona and not analyze some of Antoni Gaudi’s majestic works of art. Start with Casa Batllo – a building situated in the center of Barcelona, redesigned by the renowned architect in 1904. The locals call it “Casa dels ossos”, or “House of bones”, for its visceral, skeletal organic quality. The overall building is an explosion of diverse, colorful elements. You will find no straight line in this house: balconies in the form of lilies, roof ached as the spine of a dragon with a small window in it whose structure simulates the eye, and the arched loft.

The facade of the house Casa Battlo designed by Antoni Gaudi   |   What to Do in Barcelona in 3 Days

The facade of the house Casa Battlo designed by Antoni Gaudi / Copyright Chantal de Brui / shutterstock

If you feel overloaded with Gaudi’s quirky style, direct to Picasso Museum. This museum is a little bit different from the ones we usually visit, as it displays Pablo Picasso’s works on a sort of timeline, permitting to the visitors to follow his progression while deepening into the interior of the building. Besides the paintings and sculptures of the famous painter, here are also pieces of El Greco and Rembrandt. You can opt for a guided tour in order to understand better Picasso’s fine art.

Visit the Picasso Museum   |   What to Do in Barcelona in 3 Days

Picasso Museum / Copyright Maxisport / shutterstock

Take your lunch in an authentic style at El Xampanyet. Order some patatas bravas, fresh anchovies in vinegar, and butifarra, or opt for a slighter unusual snack consisting of fizzy cava (local beer) and some pa amb tomaquet, that’s toasted bread with squeezed tomato and olive oil, or Iberico ham.

Of course, you cannot miss the gem of Barcelona – La Sagrada Familia Basilica. This is the most famous work of Gaudi that is still in construction since 1882. So, when you arrive here, be prepared to see a lot of work unfolding here.  Gaudi himself called the Sagrada Familia a “Cathedral”, although it doesn’t house a bishop. But, it has recently received the status of basilica. Whether its construction is finished or not, in any case, the Sagrada Familia surpasses all previously built Christian churches in magnificence.

La Sagrada Familia. It is designed by architect Antonio Gaudi and is being build since 1882   |   What to Do in Barcelona in 3 Days

La Sagrada Familia. / Copyright Valery Egorov / shutterstock

Montjuïc Castle offers spectacular views over the city of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea, especially when the sun sets. The exterior of the castle, together with its gardens and moat, can be explored for free, but you will have to pay several Euros to enter the fortress and see its interior, as well as the exhibitions on culture and history that are displayed there. Nowadays, the castle hosts the International Peace Resource Center.

Montjuic castle, fortress built in the 17.18th centuries overlooking Barcelona   |   What to Do in Barcelona in 3 Days

Montjuic castle / Copyright Circumnavigation

A night out in Barcelona is a must! Feel Catalan vibes flowing in your veins while listening to the finest concert in the Palau de la Musica Catalana. It would be a great opportunity to attend some of the fantastic musical offerings, followed with a special meal in an exclusive area, like a VIP.

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