What to Do and See in Venice in 3 Days

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Day 1 in Venice

First of all, do not adventure right to San Marco Square, that is so overcrowded during daytime that you could get a wrong impression about the city before your journey starts. Instead, begin with one of the smaller squares.

Visit Campo Santo Stefano – a large open space near the center of the city, one of the most popular squares in Venice, is also known as Campo Francesco Morosini, name which can perplex you a little bit. Practically all the squares are famous for being surrounded by remarkable buildings, and Campo Santo Stefano is not an exception. Profiting of the thing that you are on the square, visit the Palazzo Morosini and Palazzo Loredan, which is the headquarters of the Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts since 1891.

Visit Campo Santa Margherita – you can find it in the center of Dorso Duro district and you can recognize it by the agglomeration of young people. They pack here namely for its range of pubs, bars, restaurants, pizzerias and nightclubs where you can buy the famous spritz (a local drink). The square is named after the ancient Church of Santa Margherita, that was founded in the IXth century and served over years as cigarette factory, store of marbles, evangelical church, and even cinema. Yet, nowadays it hosts an auditorium of the University of Ca’ Foscari. While being in this area, take a sit at “Margaret DuChamp”, “Orange” or “Osteria alla Bifora” and have a snack, or a “gelato” and admire in detail everything that surrounds you.

Visit San Rocco Church – at noon, head to one of the main tourist attractions of Venice, where the relics of San Rocco rest in peace. What makes the tourists flock to this place is its architecture from the Renaissance period. Moreover, inside the church, you can discover several works of art such as “Annunciation” and “St. Roch presented to the Pope” by Tintoretto, “St. Martin on Horseback” by Pordenone, as well the monument to Pellegrino Baselli Grillo (1517). No matter whether you entered the church to explore its architecture, its impressive pictures, or just to pray, this place will make you believe that heaven exists!

Visit San Marco Square – finally, late in the evening, when the crowd is gone and you can gaze attentively to each small detail, visit San Marco Square. The Piazza San Marco presents not only the famous buildings of Basilica San Marco and Palazzo Ducale, but also of some historical cafes, of the Campanile and of the Correr Museum, whose proximity takes you directly to Venice’s past.

San Marco Square in the evening, Venice | What to Do and See in Venice in 3 Days

San Marco Square in the evening, Venice / Copyright TTstudio

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