TOP 10 Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam You Need to Visit

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1. Royal Palace

Originally constructed as a town hall, Royal Palace today is used by King Willem-Alexander for ceremonies. Inspired by Roman administrative buildings, the architect of the building Jacob van Campen left no stones unturned to display Amsterdam’s wealth on a monumental scale. Result? An opulent palace with dazzling interiors adorned by 51 chandeliers, gilded clocks, valuable paintings, and an exquisite marble work on the flooring.

The rooms of the palace are mostly spread over the first floor. Don’t miss the Citizen’s Hall which 90 feet high, 120 feet long and 60 feet wide. Two worldmaps are inlaid in the marble flooring of the hall. The palace was also a contender for the title of the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ and was regarded as the largest administrative building in Europe for a long time. A free audio tour will help you with enticing details about the palace.

Beautiful View of Royal Palace in Amsterdam on the Dam Square | TOP 10 Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam You Need to Visit

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