Top 10 Reasons to Visit Cuba

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1. The colonial treasures of old Havana

The capital city of Havana or La Habana in Spanish, is a mysterious beauty that leaves onlookers bewitched by its contradictions. Founded in the 16th century by the Spaniards, Havana has a fascinating treasure of colonial edifices. Havana may not have the flamboyance of Paris, but the city fuels romance in its own unique ways. The old Havana, at the very core of the capital city, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The narrow streets of this ancient city contain many old buildings, providing you a glimpse of the past when the city was the stopping point for Spanish ships between the Old and New world. Take a stroll around Malecón, touch and feel the solid walls of fortresses and admire the beauty of the colonial heritage. Old Havana, built in Neo-classic and baroque style had been set on fire by the Pirates leaving it devastated, but as Fico Fellove says in the movie ‘The Lost City’: “Habana is very much like a rose, it has petals and it has thorns…so it depends on how you grab it. But in the end it always grabs you”.

The colonial treasures of old Havana | Top 10 Reasons to Visit Cuba

The colonial treasures of old Havana / Copyright Pavel Samsonov

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