Best Things to do in Paris In 3 Days‎

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Things to do in Paris In 3 Days‎

The Famous Eiffel Tower. Credit: Viacheslav Lopatin

Paris, the capital city of France, situated by Seine River, is the city of love and romance. Against a backdrop of beautiful churches, magnificent monuments, enticing presence of art and culture, Paris’ is much more than just about Eiffel Tower.

The magic of Paris lies in the unexpected, hidden parks, tiny bakeries, chocolate tours, tucked-away bistros, cafes and boutiques, where the life of a Parisian unfolds. The city of light has a piece of it for everyone whether you are a die-hard romantic, an ardent art lover, a fashionista or just a shopoholic. There so much that the city offers. So if you wish to know things to do in Paris, planning a trip to Paris, here are some ideas.

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