The most beautiful European Destinations in Spring

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3. Florence, Italy

Florence in spring is as pretty as petals of rose. Soak into the springtime rain, savour the fresh Roman artichoke, take a stroll down the crooked alleys, take a history lesson by the monuments standing tall against all odds, appreciate the grandeur of the city on a sunny day, gaze upon the beautiful Arno river and be surrounded by some of the prettiest blooms, you might have ever seem. Spend hours in Florence’s famous Iris Garden, which opens its gate to visitors only in spring from April 25-May 20. The exploding Easter cart in front of the biggest church is not to be missed. With thousands of spectators cheering the procession of drummers, flag throwers, trumpeters and the locals dressed in Renaissance costumes, the Easter cart explodes with a belief to ensure a good harvest. A spring festival surely not to be missed in Florence. And then in the month of May, there’s also a Gelato Festival, when everyone takes to a gelato parlour.

Florence cathedral in Tuscany, Italy during Springtime | The most beautiful European Destinations in Spring

Florence cathedral in Tuscany, Italy Copyright Samot

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