10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Greece

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10. Meteora

The centuries-old Orthodox monasteries of Meteora are about the quirkiest things you’ll get to see when visiting Greece. The Thessaly Plain, with its rocky outcrops that hold the monasteries, seem more like they just came out of the movie Avatar than being a tourist attraction in the south of Europe. Nevertheless, six of the monasteries are open to the public, in addition to being on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The nearest town in the area is Kalambaka, and if your sights are set on visiting all six of the monasteries, you’ll need at least one entire day. Each monastery will require you to climb numerous stone steps carved into the rocks. But, you’ll be rewarded for your hardship: once up there, you’ll be privy to the magical ambiance of burning incense, coupled with Byzantine frescoes, religious icons, flickering candle light and a stillness and serene atmosphere that few places on the planet can boast with. No wonder Meteora is among everybody’s favorite tourist attractions in Greece.

View of the famous Meteora Monasteries | 10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Greece

View of the famous Meteora Monasteries / Copyright Netfalls – Remy Musser

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